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VHS & Reels Transfers

Tapes to DVD

Everyone has memories, but not everyone has a VCR anymore. Bring those memories back to the forefront with Tape to DVD transfers. You deserve to digitally preserve your favorite pre-YouTube videos for generations.

We accept VHS, DV, MiniDV, and Hi8

1 Tape to DVD $19.99
2 Tapes to DVD $37.99
3 Tapes to DVD $54.99
4 Tapes to DVD $69.99
5 Tapes to DVD $85.99
Additonal Tapes $14.99/tape
Beta Tapes to DVD $29.99

Film to DVD

Are your family memories held hostage by post-era technology? Enjoy those journeys down memory lane with ease. We scan film using professional equipment in either standard definition or high definition to transfer your home movie film reels to DVD.

8mm movie film to DVD $39.99
(first 50ft of film)  
Additional Film 20¢/ft
16mm movie film to DVD $49.99
(first 50ft of film)  
Additional Film 40¢/ft

Cassette to CD

One of the first mainstream methods of consumer analog audio recording and distribution was with the mighty audio cassette tape. We transfer auido to a compact disc, usually as WAV a file, which can fit up to 80 minutes per disc at 48kHz. You will receive the transferred files without any editing. Upon request, we offer editing to remove the blank areas in the beginning and end of the recording as well as volume optimization.

Digital output as WAV, MP3, and AIFF.

Audio Cassette to CD $19.99

Additional CD/DVD Copies

CD/DVD Copy $14.99
Flash Drive Copy $14.99
SD to DVD $24.99/4GB


Has your VCR chewed up one of your tapes before? Video tapes can be both amazingly robust and surprisingly fragile. The same format of tape that can be salvaged after a flood or fire can be easily broken by a toddler, malfunctioning equipment or a simple drop! Make it possible to view your footage, again because we have the best way to fix it.

VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, miniDV and miniDV HDV

Tape Repair $19.99
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