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Shoebox Scans

Thinking about getting organized and archiving your photos for future generations? We'll take those boxes of old photos in your closets and attic, and scan those images into digital form. This enables us to return your scans to you in print, on disc or USB drive. Your scans can be used to create a wide variety of stunning items, from DVD Slide Shows to Photo Books!

Bring a tote/box/handfull of prints sized wallet to 8x10.

Shoebox Scan (QTY 1-50) $19.99
Choice of Disc or Flash Drive (included)  
Shoebox Scan (QTY 101-300) $59.99
Choice of Disc or Flash Drive (included)  
HiKC Prints

Single Scans

We scan photos and documents at high resolution to create high archival quality digital images. This enables us to offer increased flexibility for enlarging, editing, and printing. Each image is carefully scanned by hand and includes precise cropping and manual editing to yield best quality results.

No CD, DVD, or Flashdrive included in these packages.

Single Print Scan $1.99
Resolution 300ppi $1.99
Resolution 600ppi $2.99

Slides (Positive) Scans

Did you know that your slides could be in jeopardy? Minute by minute, even in the dark, they are changing color, scratching, and possibly developing fungal stains. We’re here to save them! It's tough to digitize slides, and that's why so many trust us to scan and digitize slide images to unlock their full definition and vintage vibrance.

Your choice of DVD or Flashdrive included.

Slide Scanning $19.99 minimum
minimum cost covers up to 29 slides 69¢/slide

Negative Scans

We can scan all formats of negatives at high resolution for supreme archival quality, which allows increased flexibility for enlargement, restoring, and printing. You may provide negatives in original envelopes or archival sheets. Scanning includes image rotation and precise cropping for quality results.

35mm/APS Scans $19.99 minimum
minimum cost covers up to 29 negatives 69¢/negative
120/126/110mm $1.99/frame
Resolution 300ppi $1.99/frame
Resolution 600ppi $2.99/frame
4x5 Negatives $1.99/frame
Resolution 300ppi $1.99/frame
Resolution 600ppi $2.99/frame

No CD, DVD, or Flashdrive included in the following packages.



Do you have a box of video tapes filled with irreplaceable memories? We help you bring them into the present to be enjoyed and shared. The first step is to convert each tape to digital and then the video files can be loaded on a hard drive or made into custom DVDs.

CD/DVD Copy $14.99
Flash Drive Copy $14.99
SD to DVD $24.99/4GB
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