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Family Foto Friday

Fall Family Fun Part 2

Lori Krause • October 26, 2018

Visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall is something many do for their fall family fun, and a lot of families will visit the same pumpkin patch year after year as a tradition. The Krause Family is no different. As a matter of fact, we’ve been going to the same pumpkin patch for over 30 years!

Never mind that we live 3 ½ miles from one major local pumpkin patch, or just 20 miles from another. No, we drive 40 miles to Schaake’s Pumpkin Patch just outside of Lawrence, Kansas every single year. Schaake’s is an actual working family farm. What started as a kid’s 4H project in 1975 has turned into a 40+ year, three generation, and multiple acres of family fun!

Every year we try to go opening weekend, which is usually the last weekend in September. Only one year, 1994, did we go a little later in October; that year our daughter, Ellen, was born on October 1st, but my husband and son still made it and got a pumpkin. There have been a few years where we waited to go October 1st just so Ellen could celebrate her birthday.

My husband loves to get the GREAT PUMPKIN sized pumpkins. Like the 215 pounds sized GREAT PUMPKIN that we got this year. You won’t find that pumpkin at our house though, that one went to school. Another one of our traditions is to take a pumpkin to the teacher our daughter had in first grade. Our daughter is now 24 years old, but Mrs. Rudkin has been getting a pumpkin delivered to her classroom for 17 years and will get a pumpkin until she retires. Over the years my husband called them ahead of time to have them set aside a number of pumpkins of a certain size because he would have pumpkin carving contests at work. People got very creative! But I’m partial to our family carving contests. The Avengers logo was great!

I made the Schaake’s a little photo book several years ago as a ‘thank you’ for all of our memories. I think it’s about time to make another one.

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Join me on November 10th, 4pm-5pm at Heartland Imaging KC to learn why it’s important to preserve these memories and how you can display and share them. The cost to reserve your seat is $25, but that $25 goes toward any project you would like to start with Heartland Imaging or me. You can contact me about how to preserve your photos, negatives, and non-photographic items at or call Heartland Imaging KC at (816) 492-7974.

Lori Krause

Lori Krause

Lori Krause is a Photo Organizer and Photo Life Manager. As a photo life manager, she treats your photos and your memories as if they were her own. She provides personalized, local service to organize and preserve photos. Then works with her clients to tell the stories behind the photos.
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