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Family Foto Friday

Mom's Poodle Skirt

Lori Krause • July 27, 2018

My mom was born in August 1941, so she has fond memories of growing up in the 50’s. Hula Hoops, Elvis, drive-in theatres and cool cars. She and my father had a black 1957 Chevy convertible with ‘red and white rolled and pleated’ upholstery. Oh, and sock hops with the iconic poodle skirts. She told me that, “Anybody who grew up in my era is very fortunate!”

In April 2004, my husband and I co-chaired our child’s school auction which had the 50’s theme, Rock Around the Clock. Not only did we have the support of our school ‘family’ but members of both sides of our family came to support our efforts; including my mom – in full sock-hop apparel! Saddle shoes, Bobbie socks, poodle skirt, sweater with a monogramed M, (M for Marjorie) and neck scarf. What looks like just a photo of my mom enjoying the evening really has another story to tell. You see, just one year before, Mom had been diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. While gastric lymphoma is very rare, it is very treatable. She’s still here and doing very well 15 years later. We’re very fortunate indeed!

The point to this story is that we all have family photos and those photos have stories to tell. What looks like just a photo of my mom enjoying the evening to others actually has a story behind it and holds a special meaning for my family. Not only is it important to protect and preserve the photos, but we must protect and preserve the stories and memories behind them.


You can contact me about how to preserve your photos, negatives, and non-photographic items at or call Heartland Imaging KC at (816) 492-7974.

Lori Krause

Lori Krause

Lori Krause is a Photo Organizer and Photo Life Manager. As a photo life manager, she treats your photos and your memories as if they were her own. She provides personalized, local service to organize and preserve photos. Then works with her clients to tell the stories behind the photos.
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